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Does BlockEvent.BlockBreak not working in client-only mods? Or I should place some @ForgeSubscribe or something else


Event i of course registered and dont have bugs inside. Start and work corectly during single player game. In multiplayer dont start. I was check with System.out.println("event start"); as a first line in handler.

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What are you trying to achieve exactly?


Most important thing I try to achieve is event itself. As a trigger to firing my code. Then I need .itemHeld() and breaked Block (coordinates and MetaData).


I cannot find clear list of events can be fired in client-only mods. It's a little frustrating.

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Hehehehehehe.... nope ;p


I'm not writing mods for publish or sell. I sometimes write some simple mods for personal use only. As strictly specified tools. Now I'm playing on 1.7.10 classic server and I need autoplanting mod for 1.7.10. I'm sure, if I will update mod to 1.8 he will be work perfectly. But will be perfectly useless for me at this time. :)

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