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Forge 1.8.9 big crash/no startup!


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I installed 1.8.9. I've pasted the log into a .txt file named: Test.test(Test).txt

Link for download: Test.test(Test).txt



I can not paste it into hastebin or pastebin because it crashes the browser. The same when pasting it directly into a new topic on this forum

Once upon a time. A great creature named Sean was born, and he was born LIKE A BOSS. Everyone was just like "That's unfair. I want a BOSS friend like that one." He ended up making a youtube channel so people could enjoy his BOSS-NESS. He's the last alive human of Boss-A-Tronian human! With great power's to be loud and always shout! Someone think's it's annoying. Im just like "Deal with it."

That's the story about the one, the only JackSepticEye! Love you Sean/Jack xD #NoHomo

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