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forge and optifine, natural born enemies? a peace treaty is required!


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I remember a while ago, back when playing mod packs was more fun than modding Minecraft, someone (many people actually) mentioned that forge doesn't support optifine. Now as a modder I start to understand why; it's pretty wild and random how optifine is going to render items. But I think there should a compromise between one of the most useful mods and the forge itself, don't you think?


Someone like a bystander plugin to forge that detects optifine and boots up a bunch of sanity checks before doing any renders, hell make optifine into forge itself, allowing the mod creators to use APIs to detect selected optifine option and do different rendering based on it, anything in that general sense would be crazy cool!


Now I'm almost sure I'm not the first one to propose something like that but I digress, has anyone ever thought of that? Any opinions about it?


TL;DR : Forge, optifine, stop fighting already and make babies  ::)

When they say your code doesn't follow convention but ur edgy so u dont care

d-d-d-dab on them haterz


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