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  1. The title says it all, The docs says "if the capability needs to store data persistently it is possible to implement ICapabilitySerializable<T extends NBTBase>". I tried yet ICapabilitySerializable is not valid. I think either my setup is broken or the docs are outdated. Relevant classes: MemeStorage.java Meme.java IMeme.java MemeProvider.java (Where I'm trying to extend ICapabilitySerializable<CompoundNBT>) has no lines except a blank constructor. The error is in the title. Please help.
  2. I've been using Linux as my OS for years, I can definitely help out if you need some advice. I wouldn't consider myself a pro in anything but Linux is definitively my strongest area in IT.
  3. That cool but let me answer you with another question: How would you go about implementing this? Most likely you'll give up by the time that you realize each mods are vastly different both in structure and execution. If that's not enough then you somehow need to take into account that with the parts of forge changes per update. Just not possible in practice.
  4. I'd respond if I knew what I was even reading..... What structure? Pasted what? What outline???? You post is an enigma wrapped in a mystery. Please speak English.
  5. I'm running Manjaro with XFCE4. Classic stuff, nothing fancy. Bot is anyone else a linux head?
  6. Eh. It's mixed imo. Some people here I feel can just be too harsh on the newbies. Just because someone made a mod using Harry Talks tutorial doesn't mean he should just get condemned to an eternal shitstorm of shame and put downs, but I've seen it too many times to ignore. The worst part is I feel those people usually never explain why they are raining slurs and passive aggressive comments upon that person, just that their choice of tutorial is horrid and because of it should never mod again.... I just don't get that mentality. Everyone can fall for this, especially if you've never modded before. Now I'm not talking about the crowd that can't program at all. I'm talking about the novice who can code and does so, but never touched the forge API so they look for a tutorial and read the docs for answers. Those are the ones who get pummeled by words unfairly (in my opinion) Other than that people here are reasonable. PS: The forge docs needs more examples. Please for the love of god.
  7. Indeed it was Used ItemEntity(world,x,y,z,ItemStack) ItemEntity was the missing piece, I was thinking of getting the entity from the itemstack instead (which is probably why it didn't work). Thanks, this is solved.
  8. I don't know If I'm blind or I really found nothing much about how to do this. I have an tool and I want it to spawn an item on right click. I tried World#addEntity but that didn't work. Most of what I found online was outdated. Please help. Thanks
  9. I've tried looking it up both in the source and online but I can't find much on what I'm trying to do which is render my item like a map (using both hands or the one hand variant). The source did tell me that the map is rendered using a custom renderer, so I searched for that. Again not much answers. So I'm asking here hoping someone knows how I could do this. Thanks.
  10. I did something better, I pushed a git commit to my github: https://github.com/Thegamerchunk1/WeedCraft. Also added the log. latest.log
  11. Yeah sorry I make mistakes. I don't code that much anymore and I just forgot child classes implement the same interfaces as their parents. My Mistake. That was only because I followed what BlockCrop did. If it needed to translate integer litterals into wrapper objects I assumed I should of done the same. Sorry If Minecraft's programmers did this. Because I didn't notice. Again look at my first answer. Nowhere. I assumed it wasn't necessary since I was doing the same function calls. I added it though, First line in my constructor. Does it really matter anyway? Java isn't the only coding language I program in, but one of the few that works this way when it comes to understanding the difference between object wrappers and litterals..... In the end it doesn't matter anyway. Then how am I supposed to loop trough my items and blocks to register their respective models? I'm gonna add a lot to this mod so I don't feel like copying/pasting each individual items and blocks especially when looping is a thing.... And I know.... Read the lines above in the code, I did populated them with the right classes no? Those lines are for looping the ModelRegistryEvent items/blocks. Thanks for helping by making feel like a dunce for not know EVERY single details in an API. Goes to show how some people perpetuate the "You don't know 100% of the thing therefore you shouldn't deserve help". I don't code everyday and I have attention issues, Seems like you're gifted by not having these problems, stop being a prick and help those who DO have that problem instead of downing them. Regardless of you belittling, the problem persist with the code adjusted.
  12. Like I said Its more or less the same error/stacktrace but I still uploaded the new error. Doing what you suggested basically got nowhere. latest.log
  13. Ok, I've edited the code to remove IHasModel, Posted the changes in the original post. However The same error persist. I need help, thanks
  14. Ok so from what I understand I use @ObjectHolder to inject the null declared object from that object's registry (Block in this case) then somehow reference that ObjectHolder in the block registry handler and inject that object's declaration? If so how do I reference the object annotated by @ObjectHolder? The Wiki doesn't seem to tell me how... Also, whats the Event In question? I can't look it up Away from my pc and the documentation doesn't provide a list of available events
  15. Question: Why? Where do I initialize them then? More importantly how since they're final I uploaded both the Lastest Log and the crash report latest.logcrash-2019-09-07_13.32.28-client.txt
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