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[SOLVED] Can't use Mekanism API


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Hi there!


I'm trying to use the Mekanism API for my mod. I have downloaded the MDK-1.7.10- and extracted it in my src/main/java.

The problem is, when I include it as a Source in the Build Path it throws me this at Run: http://pastebin.com/ARN6mLGu

And when I exclude it, it (of course) cannot resolve the mekanism.* import.


I'm sorry, but I'm a newbie to Eclipse, Gradlew and Forge considering the way it builds stuff together :/


As far as I know, the MDK is the only dev-like version of this mod.


Can you please at least point me towards some tutorial on implementing those?

Thanks a lot :)

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Considering MDK is distrubuted as a ZIP file containing a single directory, I added it as a Class Folder in Build Path. Now I can import all the Mekanism stuff without problems.

If someone wants a better explanation just DM or email me :)

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