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[1.8.9] Custom Mob that can open gates


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So I'm building a mob and I want it to be able to go through Fence Gates, unlike vanilla mobs.  I'm playing around with a few ideas for how to have it "open" the gate without getting hacky, but my primary question to the forums is this:  How can I make path-finding smart enough to navigate through the gate?


I have studied the path finding code somewhat, and I know how to call the normal pathfinding algorithms, but I'm a little lost if I was to start trying to make a custom PathNavigate; it's fairly complex.  Is there a tutorial somewhere on setting up custom pathfinding?  Anyone have any ideas on the simplest way to do this?

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Looks like I after somewhat more careful analysis, need to extend PathNavigateGround and have it use a custom WalkNodeProcessor.  In my custom WalkNodeProcessor I need to override GetVerticalOffSet() to return 1 or 2 for a FenceGate, probably 2.  Now I just need to figure out how to open the gate, other than just straight up changing it's Blockstate.

Check out my Mod: The RPCraft Toolkit!

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