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Managing ore generation


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I am trying to prevent ore generation on a per block basis. I looked into OreGenEvent, but there does not seem to be a way to find out what is being generated from the WorldGenerator instance, other than guessing from the class name.


My thought would be to "intercept" or look for calls to World#setBlockState that happen in WorldGenerator#generate, check the BlockState being set and use that to cancel the ore generation.

Of course, that looks like massive hackery from the deepest pits of coremodding, and I have no clue where to start about that.


Any thoughts?

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That's an option, although it reduces even more the number of mods that I will be able to handle, since they have to both fire the event and extend WorldGenMinable (even vanilla's BiomeHills$EmeraldGenerator is just a WorldGenerator)

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And I suppose an improper way to do this would include hacking into world#setBlockState and checking if the call stack contains WorldGenerator#generate, which I presume would make a lot of things laggy AF and crash the others  :-\

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