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How to negate swimming [1.7.10]


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I've been making an ocean themed mod, which includes scuba suits.

Is there anyway you can negate water movement, so that you can walk normally underwater? (like you're on land) I searched though the referenced libraries and found nothing that seemed like could help.


Thanks in advance

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You can undo the effects of being pushed by water by making a method to reverse everything done in the handleMaterialAcceleration method (I think that's what it's called anyway) and call your reversal method each applicable tick.


The only way I've found to improve walking speed while walking underwater is to check server side if the player is in water and send a packet to the client; on the client, check if player#onGround is true and multiply their motion values by about 1.25 (maybe a little less). If this is going to be a constant effect for all players, then you could probably forgo the packet and just give them all that bonus when #onGround and in water directly on the client side.

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