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Check the value of an item another player/mob is holding

Blade Avuari

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Hey, I would like to know how to check a value of an item that another player/mob is holding.  It would also have to return if an item is not being held, or if the value is null.

Here is the class for my base item, from which three different types of items extend.


package blade.weapons;

import net.minecraft.src.CreativeTabs;
import net.minecraft.src.EntityLiving;
import net.minecraft.src.EnumToolMaterial;
import net.minecraft.src.Item;
import net.minecraft.src.ItemStack;

public class ItemWeapon extends Item {

private int weaponType;
private int weaponMight;
private int weaponDamage;
private EnumToolMaterial toolMaterial;
private int vsWeapon;
private boolean isReaver;

public ItemWeapon(int par1ID, int par2MT, int par3WeaponType, int par4Uses) {
        this.maxStackSize = 1;
        this.weaponDamage = this.weaponMight * this.vsWeapon / 100;

private void Advantage(){
	if (weaponType == enemyWeaponType()){
		this.vsWeapon = 100;
	} else {
		if ((weaponType + 1) == enemyWeaponType() || (weaponType - 2) == enemyWeaponType()){
			this.vsWeapon = 125;
		} else {
			if ((weaponType - 1) == enemyWeaponType() || (weaponType + 2) == enemyWeaponType()){
				this.vsWeapon = 75;
			} else {
				this.vsWeapon = 100;

    public boolean hitEntity(ItemStack par1ItemStack, EntityLiving par2EntityLiving, EntityLiving par3EntityLiving)
        par1ItemStack.damageItem(1, par3EntityLiving);
        return true;

private int enemyWeaponType() {

	return 1;
// TODO: getEnemyWeaponType




And the calling line for the item



public static final Item ironSword = new WeaponSword(7900, 5, 46).setIconCoord(5, 0).setItemName("ironSword");



And the weaponsword



package blade.weapons;

import net.minecraft.src.Item;

public class WeaponSword extends ItemWeapon {

 * Info for sword-type items
 * @param par1ID Item ID
 * @param par2mt Base Damage
 * @param par4Uses Max uses
public WeaponSword(int par1ID, int par2mt, int par4Uses) {
	super(par1ID, par2mt, 1, par4Uses);
	// TODO Auto-generated constructor stub

public String getTextureFile () {
	return "/just/a.png";



width=300 height=100http://i.imgur.com/ivK3J.png[/img]

I'm a little surprised that I am still ranked as a "Forge Modder," having not posted a single mod since my animals mod... I have to complete Digging Deeper!, fast!

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