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[Solved!] Getting a player instance in ServerTickHandler


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I would like to get an EntityPlayer instance inside my ServerTickHandler. So far, I've tried to use a static reference from another class, like this:


EntityPlayer player = ClimbingGloveEngine.player;


But all that does is pull a NullPointerException. I've seen people getting an instance of the player by using the tickData:


EntityPlayer player = (EntityPlayer) tickData[1];


But that also causes an error: an out of bounds.


If someone could please help me get a server instance of the player, that would be fantastic. I really don't want to use packets. Thanks for your help!

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How about:

EntityPlayer player = server.getConfigurationManager().getPlayerForUsername("playerName");


server = MinecraftServer.getServer();


This is assuming you know which player you want to get an instance of. Not exactly sure what you need to do with the instance though.

If I helped you, thank me. If I didn't, let me know.

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Have you had a look at the API you get from getConfigurationManager()?



There are methods like getAllUsernames() and getPlayerList() which return arrays or lists of all the names of players. You can then iterate over that list using getPlayerForUsername() for each player. I suggest you look through the javadoc and relevant API to get a grasp of what is available to you.

If I helped you, thank me. If I didn't, let me know.

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I was actually able to solve the problem.  ;) If any of you are interested, here's how I got a server instance of the player and the world:


		ArrayList list = (ArrayList) MinecraftServer.getServer().getConfigurationManager().playerEntityList;
		Iterator iterator = list.iterator();

			EntityPlayerMP player = (EntityPlayerMP) iterator.next();
			WorldServer world = MinecraftServer.getServer().worldServerForDimension(player.dimension);

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