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OpenGL Rendering Tutorials


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Where (if there are any) could I find an OgenGL rendering tutorial for Minecraft. I would like to make custom shaped blocks in my mod, like the pumps in RedPower, or like the new blocks in XyCraft or crystals in the old Thaumcraft. It would appear that tutorial makers avoid this subject like the plague for whatever reason, and I would like to know where a tutorial for this is, if there is any. If not, a tutorial on OpenGL in general, and a basic starting point for using it in Minecraft would be great.


Thanks in advance if anyone can help me on my search.

Creator and co-author of the mod Essencraft: https://github.com/defiant810/Essencraft


Please, dear God, learn Java before trying to mod. It saves ALL of us time.

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all the tutorials with openGl are insanely complex and based around coding your own game. While trying to render my own entities, i found this :


its written for modloader but it explains rendering well. It may even help you more as it is made for creating custom blocks.

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I'd also recommend looking through the source code of EE3 and buildcraft -- they might have something close enough to what you want to be a good jumping-off point. 


TBH, one look at EE3's calcinator render logic is a useful demonstration for why 'your first block' tutorials are so much more common than 'your first custom-rendered tile entity' tutorials. . .  Practically anything that isn't a simple cube is insanely complex to render directly through openGL.  And things that are simple cubes can be challenging to work with.

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