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No textures in inventory


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I just got back into updating my mod again. I haven't look into in for the last 2 years.


My github is this : https://github.com/BlazeAxtrius/ExpandedRailsMod


I know the code looks really bad but I do not have a lot of time and I pretty much should rewrite the entire thing from scratch because it looks really bad at the moment.


I tried various ways to try and fix the textures in the inventory but they always show as purple and black. I managed to get the textures to work when I place the rail but not in the inventory.


Thanks in advance for the help.

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In the tutorial I watched to try and fix the issue.


The EMBase.registerRenders I called registerRender(whiteWoolRail) for example but that didn't affect anything.


Also I am not sure how to use the ModelLoader.setCustomModelREsourcesLocation. Can you provide a tutorial somewhere?


I updated the github.

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I am trying this:


        public void preInit(FMLPreInitializationEvent event) {

            ModelLoader.setCustomModelResourceLocation(Item.getItemFromBlock(block), 0, new ModelResourceLocation(block.getRegistryName(), "inventory"));


But this gives errors at Item.getItemFromBlock(block) and block.getRegistryName().

I am not sure how exactly I have to call it. I wants the same arguments but the block thing is missing from the parameters.

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Yeah that is what I am trying to do. Was wondering if there is a way to make it in one line and now have to write all of the blocks one by one.


I am now trying with one block but it says that "argument Item might be null" for setCustomModelResourcesLocation(item)


P.S: Ok it seems I have to write all of them one by one. It works now. Thanks a lot


P.S: Can you take a look at the MonorailPowered as it doesnt have a texture at all even when placed and it doesn't work as a powered rail(before it did with this code)

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