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[1.9.4/1.10.2] TechniCore - The Core For All My Mods!


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This mod adds in all items and resources, as well as OreDictionary names for all my mods. TCCMachines will add in machines that use RF and generators. I am almost ready to post a full release of this mod! If you want beta access, ask and I may send you a build to test.


Ore Generation-


Tin - A basic material you should all recognize. It is refined in the same method as iron.


Copper - Easier to find than tin and used for power conductance. You should all recognize this as well.


Silver - Similar to the silver in other mods. Spawns like gold and is used for certain recipes.


Tungsten - Found at mining level 10 and below. As rare as diamond but spawns in groups of 1 or 2. Metal equivalent of diamond.


Sapphire - A gemstone found in the earth. Used for a few recipes as well as tools. This, and other gemstones will be used mostly in GemTech.


Ruby - Another basic gemstone. You can make tools with high mining speed and attack speed out of it.


Amethyst - Like the other gemstones, you can make tools out of it.


Peridot - Same as the other gemstones, but a bit rarer.


Topaz - Rarer than the other gems, but same concept.


Japser - A little more common than Topaz, but same as the other gems in use.


Quartz - Same rarity as diamond, very similar as well. It's just not as hard. Can be crafted with a diamond and 8 nether quartz.


Abzantanium - A VERY rare gem that is 10 times stronger than diamond. can be found in the end as well.


I will be adding more soon, but I still have to finish the other stuff for the mod before I post them.

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