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If I were to make a mod like Matmos...


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...what and where should I get started?


I am a beginner mod maker, and I want to know what I would need to learn to make something like matmos (I know how to make blocks, items, and custom OBJ/JSON models. I also know most of java and will understand the difference between classes and methods) I do want to make this for 1.7.10, and then as well make it for 1.8+. The reasoning for this, is because my only modpack is version 1.7.10. Now before you go start saying "1.7.10 isn't supported!!!!!!!!NDJ:Owhoijgwreshfgsf", I KNOW THAT. I am going to make it for 1.10.2 first, and first of ALL. Then, I will start to learn and understand how to downgrade it instead of upgrade it.


The features I want to implement into the mod:

  • Wind sounds when high above the ground
  • Biome specific sounds like birds chirping
  • Block specific sounds when you're next to water or lava
  • Rain sounds for when its raining (Ex. Walking in puddles, walking on grass)
  • Improved sounds for walking and things like that
  • Sounds for when you're falling for flying

I understand this is a big project, but please tell me what I need to learn so I can get the basic guidelines down to doing this. I don't need you to teach me, just tell me what they are. If it's even possible, please tell me. What I am hoping you'll be able to give me is information about what I need to do (ex. make events), what most of the event names are or linking me to a event list, and the big one is how to implement sounds.



Please and thank you!  ;D

I am on my journey of making a remake of matmos, as explained here.

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From what I remember Matmos was (or is) client-only mod so say goodbye to anything server related unless you want it to NOT be just client related.


Assuming you want it to be client-only ("If I were to make a mod like Matmos...") you will be able to do most of it with:

* ClientTickEvent - check if Minecraft#thePlayer or whatever other entity loaded on client-world is in some biome in Minecraft#theWorld, or maybe at some height and play a sound of "chirping birds" or any other stuff like running through high grass and shit.

This solves most of your problems.

* All other events like interaction events, attack events (attack event is called on client as opposed to hurt event) and seriously... ALL OF THEM (called from client logical side).


And going top-bottom: (1-1 to list you gave)

* ClientTickEvent

* ClientTickEvent

* ClientTickEvent

* ClientTickEvent or maybe PlayerTickEvent or even LivingUpdateEvent (client side) if you want it for all entities.

* Above ^

* ClientTickEvent


Everything is a matter of detecting changes on entity (player or not, you can use any of ticking event and any of loaded entities) in question and playing some sound to it.


Note: Client-only or not - it will have almost same outcome for end user with slight change of getting/not orders from server when to play sound.


P.S: I know it works, because...SPOILER ALERT...I've done same thing :P

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1.7.10 is no longer supported by forge, you are on your own.

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