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[Solved][1.10.2] Matrix multiplying doesn't affect model size


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This is what my IBakedModel::handlePerspective() method looks like:


    public Pair<? extends IBakedModel, Matrix4f> handlePerspective(ItemCameraTransforms.TransformType cameraTransformType) {
        switch (cameraTransformType) {
            case THIRD_PERSON_RIGHT_HAND:
                Matrix4f transform = new Matrix4f();
                float degree90 = (float)(Math.PI/2);
                return Pair.of(this, transform);

        return Pair.of(this, null);


The model rotates correctly but its size doesn't change. What am I doing wrong?

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That's what I was thinking aswell, but it doesn't seem to make a difference:


      Matrix4f scale = new Matrix4f(
          0.1F,   0,      0,      0,
          0,      0.1F,   0,      0,
          0,      0,      0.1F,   0,
          0,      0,      0,      1


Still the same size

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Ok. I found the problem.

The rot methods in Matrix4f set m00 and m33 (first element in first row, last element in last row) to 1. I had to first rotate it and then multiply it by 0.1 and finally set m33 back to 1.

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