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[1.10.2] Changing item-use cooldown


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I want to prevent all animations that happen when the left mouse button is pressed. The problem that I can't find a way to prevent the up-and down movement of the item when the item "recharges". The feature was introduced in 1.9 (I think) and is indicated with a little sword below the crosshair.


Edit: solved by overriding Item::getAttributeModifiers

public Multimap<String, AttributeModifier> getAttributeModifiers(EntityEquipmentSlot slot, ItemStack stack)
   Multimap<String, AttributeModifier> multimap = super.getAttributeModifiers(slot, stack);
   multimap.put(SharedMonsterAttributes.ATTACK_SPEED.getAttributeUnlocalizedName(), new AttributeModifier(ATTACK_SPEED_MODIFIER, "Tool modifier", 1024, 0));
   return multimap;



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If you put the item in the off-hand and back in the main-hand the cooldown is back until you switch to a different item (or update the stack somehow else) :/ Is there an event that is thrown when switching items between hands? Also the tooltip of the item now shows 1014 as attackspeed.


My second approach is to set the SharedMonsterAttributes.ATTACK_SPEED of the player as high as possible when the item is held because it is used to calculate attack speed of the player (EntityPlayer::getCooledAttackStrength) and then set it back to 4 when a different item is held. This is really hackey and exactly what I wanted to prevent by using the new rendering system but it's better than nothing.

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