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[1.8.9] Help with universalBucket


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Hi, I need some help understanding what's not working here...

Basically I wanted to rewrite my tank multiblock's onBlockActivated code so that it also works with TConstruct buckets (which use the universalBucket).

I got them working, but now FluidUtil.interactWithTank returns false with vanilla buckets (water,lava)!

I tried debugging, but I'm still clueless...I couldn't find much info about the universalBucket, so I might be missing some obvious details, I hope you can help me.


(Naturally TileFountain implements IFluidHandler)


Original code:


if (world.isRemote) true


        val master = (for {

          x <- -1 to 1

          z <- -1 to 1

        } yield world.getTileEntity (pos.add (x, 3, z))) collectFirst { case f: TileFountain => f }

        val item = Option.apply (player.getHeldItem)


        master exists (t =>

            item exists (i =>

              if (FluidUtil.interactWithTank(i, player, t, side.getOpposite))



                FluidContainerRegistry.isFilledContainer(i) ||




Trimmed java version:



if (world.isRemote())

    return true;


        IFluidHandler master =  ...;  // code

        ItemStack item = player.getHeldItem();


        if (master != null && item != null) {

                if (FluidUtil.interactWithTank(item, player, master, side.getOpposite()))

                  return true;


                  return FluidContainerRegistry.isFilledContainer(item) ||

                            item.getItem() instanceof IFluidContainerItem;



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