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json, block rotation and all these things.


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updating from 1.7.10 to 1.9.4, i had/have 4 blocks with 16 point rotational placement, like skulls, banners etc.. advised to move away from tesr's for such things I encountered some challenges. the first is that blockstate jsons only recognise angles in multiples of 90. In order to get to 16, i had to create 4 block model files in which the skull element would be given an additional rotation, which is limited to being 22.5, 45, 0, -22.5, and 45.


So, my 16 rotation variants are grouped into 4s, each group specifying rotations of 0, 90, 180 and 270  for 4 different models, that apply element rotations of 22.5, 0, -22.5 and 45.


It isn't surprising that skulls are still handled by tesrs in vanilla.


Is there another option. Will an obj model avoid both the tesr and the json?

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This, at least, doesn't work, as the Forge class also makes the call to ModelRotation which is where the  90 increments are hard coded. is there a tag i should be using instead of "y" ?




  "forge_marker": 1,

  "variants": {

    "rotation=0": { "model": "thejungle:ancientSkull" },

    "rotation=8": {"model": "thejungle:ancientSkull", "y": 180},


    "rotation=9": {"model": "thejungle:ancientSkull", "y": -202.5},

    "rotation=13": {"model": "thejungle:ancientSkull", "y": -292.5},






i was unable to match the syntax used in the documentation. eg " "rotation": { 0: { stuff here "produced an error.

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    "rotation=1": { "model": "thejungle:ancientSkull", "transform": {"rotation": {"y": -22.5}}},


the above rotates and grows/shrinks the textures, depending on the block face, which is weird as well as unhelpful.

i've tried leaving out the transform tag and/or using post-rotation instead of rotation, but that accomplishes nothing.

there are no errors in the json, or in the console. textures are currently being handled in the model file.


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its as if the rotation is being applied, but the texture doesnt know how to apply to the "angled" surface and stays at right angles. this suggests i'm missing something related to textures but i cant find any indication that changes are required in the block model file and none of the syntax variations ive tried have worked.

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