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[1.10.2] Infinite Fluid


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Has anyone experienced an issue with infinite fluid and some mods? I have had some situations where fluids are infinite - some examples being using Ender IO's Vat while making Hootch. Exporting it to a fluid storage seems to create infinite liquids. The same goes for other fluids in other devices, and I'm not sure how to fix the issue.


I'm using a modpack I made myself on Curse called Korosu's Chamber. It won't stop and I feel it's difficult to play since I don't want to feel like cheating.


Thank you.


Editing because I should have included more info:


Forge #2075

I've noticed it happening with Ender IO devices/liquids along with Refined Storage and Advanced Generators, which makes me think it's not a specific mod or its liquids. I've exported to multiple different types of tanks including Ender IO's fluid tank, and Mekanism's fluid tank. The fluid decreases a little bit and then immediately goes back up, like it's trying to round up for some reason. For example, if you have 8000mb of a liquid and export 200 (a slow export), it will go right back up to 8000 without producing more liquids at the time. Then down 200, back up to 8000. It continues on and on while still exporting, and giving you a full tank or holder of whatever liquid you were exporting.


Nothing is showing in the logs that I can tell. If it is still wanted, let me know.

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