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The state engine was in incorrect state SERVER_STOPPING error + tick delay


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Hey guys,


I started up a Forge/sponge server on Debian 8 (fancy dedicated server) with a couple of mods. We're running 1.8.9.


Haven't had any issues until today, where I would get the usual "Did the system time change, or is the server overloaded.." which I tried to disable with the -1 server properties "fix". Didn't work. We allocated about 6 gigs of RAM and updated to Java 8. Server still gives this notice.



We did have a couple of mods that never installed correctly/weren't compatible, so we removed them earlier today (why have a plugin in the mods folder, and why have something that never even installed?).


We then ended up with the server crashing multiple times and our world became corrupted, so we assumed that we screwed up while removing one of the "never used" mods and put them back/reverted to a saved copy of the world. Briefly, didn't have any problems, no lag for about an hour before the server was running a few ticks behind and then the error came back again. Server is now completely unable to run. Here's the latest log.



Here's the first half of the log:



Here's the other half of the log:



Any advice would be appreciated. I've never dealt with minecraft mods in the past, besides working in unix I'm fairly useless right now. I'm sure the issue will end being something blindingly obvious lol.


I can provide any other data if needed.

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You have sponge installed, which for a start makes this probably not a forge issue, unless you can reproduce without sponge.


We did manage to reproduce it without sponge actually, it turned out to be a basic error from one of the modpacks which we uninstalled.


Thanks for your time, though :)

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