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[1.7.10]Set on fire entity


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I would to set on fire entity that i whatch

[embed=425,349]World world = Minecraft.getMinecraft().theWorld;



        MovingObjectPosition mop = Minecraft.getMinecraft().renderViewEntity.rayTrace(50, 1.0F);

        if(mop != null)


            Entity Target = mop.entityHit;

            if(Target instanceof EntityLiving) {






I've do this but it doesn't work.

Sorry for my english I'm italian

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First of, 1.7.10 is no longer supported and as soon as diesieben sees this he will delete it, second you can't use Minecraft.getMinecraft().* for getting something to change because the Minecraft class is client only and changes are made server side and third: put code in a



Classes: 94

Lines of code: 12173

Other files: 206

Github repo: https://github.com/KokkieBeer/DeGeweldigeMod

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