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Difficulties with liquid source block udates and redstone outputting


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Hi all,


I've been working on two unrelated things:

The first is a type of item that functions a kind of bucket -- on right-clicking, it can place a liquid source block inside the world.  The problem is that after placing the source block, minecraft stubbornly refuses to check if the block (lava or water) can propagate 'flowing' water blocks (IE, such as when a liquid source block is placed above an air or snow block).


I'm using the following code inside an onItemRickClickMethod to place the block:


world.setBlockWithNotify(x, y, z, liquidToPlaceID);
//Where x, y, and z are variables derived from a getMovingObjectPositionFromPlayer's blockX,blockY, and blockZ fields
world.scheduleBlockUpdate(x, y, z, liquidToPlaceID, Block.blocksList[liquidToPlaceID].tickRate());


What am I doing wrong?


In addition, I'm trying to make a block that outputs redstone.  The problem is, while it *will* indirectly power adjacent blocks (shutting off redstone torches, powering two-block-away redstone wires, etc), it won't ever directly power an adjacent redstone block.  I'm using the following code to output redstone power (in an block that extends BlockContainer, if that's relevant):

public boolean canProvidePower()
	return true;//Note redstone will still *render* a connection to this block, it just won't ever be powered by it

public boolean isProvidingStrongPower(IBlockAccess access, int x, int y, int z, int side)
	return true;


What am I doing wrong?


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