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Help with Dimension [1.10.2]


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Hello there I am quiet new to creating a forge mod. I have created a few items and stuff but that was all done in 1.10.2 already with no prior experience. I ran into an issue that I am adding many new ores and am over populating the Overworld. Since I don't want to do that I would like to create separate dimensions all with using only Forge on Minecraft v1.10.2.


My main issue is: I have no clue where to start searching. Since all posts and comments about the topic are for earlier versions of the game and of Forge, I can't seem to find multiple of the methods and classes used in those topics.


What I need help with: Basically everything about generating a new dimension. I need a portal to that dimension, I need new biomes for the dimension and also I would like to generate structures if that is possible. Though if you can give me a head start I can hopefully catch on and find out how to make those myself. I was lost already on the first step in other topics, don't know what I need for registering a new dimension.


Thanks in advance,


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Without copy&paste from Mojangs world generator, you need to know a lot about fractal world generation and math and algorythms like Simplex Noise, OpenSimplexNoise, PerlinNoise.


I can just say... It's very complicated... I got it working outside of Minecraft after a lot of research, but never got it working in Minecraft... somewhere here on the forums is still the thread... still open...

Maybe this helps you and maybe someone knows how to get it working: http://www.minecraftforge.net/forum/index.php?topic=41974.msg224411#msg224411

Developer of Primeval Forest.

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