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[1.10.2][SOLVED] MultiModel minecraft:builtin/missing is empty


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While everything is perfectly fine in game, I have many errors displayed at launch.

Those errors are 

[Client thread/ERROR] [FML]: MultiModel minecraft:builtin/missing is empty (no base model or parts were provided/resolved)

Here's the part of the log with all of them : http://hastebin.com/oropesitil.md


I see no information about what could be causing this. I have googled the error to no avail.

If anyone knows when this kind of error spawns, that would be helpful.

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(It's one month old, I hope not enough to be a necro)


There's absolutely zero mention of builtin/missing in the project. This just cannot be the cause.

By adding/removing files I have narrowed it down to blockstates.

I'm looking for another kind of error in the JSON. Will update if anything new.

EDIT : Narrowed it down to one JSON blockstate file that is the cause of all error lines (dozens !)

The author of the JSON (nop, not me, that's a project) apparently wanted an empty model for a light source and wrote a wrong JSON : http://hastebin.com/zifagicobi.json

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