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Small question regarding the mods folder


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Hi, I'm separating a few of my profiles into their own game directories, e.g.:


- .minecraft\directories\[1.10.2] Vanilla

- .minecraft\directories\[1.10.2] Forge 1

- .minecraft\directories\[1.10.2] Forge 2


Where do I put the mods folder? Do I put it in .minecraft, meaning both Forge profiles will use the same mods folder, or can I put a mods folder in each profile for easier mods management?


Thanks in advance for any help.

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The mods folder goes in the game directory, i.e. in [1.10.2] Vanilla, [1.10.2] Forge 1 and [1.10.2] Forge 2.

Please don't PM me to ask for help. Asking your question in a public thread preserves it for people who are having the same problem in the future.

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