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Not a crash, just a config query


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I tried searching for this, but the relevant terms that occur to me are so generic that everything and its momma came up without anything seeming relevant. Please forgive if I missed it by a page or something similar.


Is there a way to configure Forge to prefer a particular mod's ore dictionary entry over another when multiple mods are involved? Specifically for the last 1.7.10 version if that's relevant, but I am more trying to figure out if this is even a thing. I have seen log entries where it sets defaults for fluids, but nothing similar for items or blocks (possibly just my oversight).


Specific use case: We are using Metallurgy 4 along with several other mods that produce some of the same metals, dusts, and alloys, and while I can disable recipes in some of the configs, the machines sometimes convert the ore of one mod into the dust of another, stuff like that, and there don't seem to be any relevant config options on the individual mods. Currently we're working around it with the Ore Dictionary Converter (which is awesome), but just being able to tell Forge that the only type of X metal/dust/etc. we want to see is the one from Y mod would be preferable, if it's possible.

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