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[Fixed]Custom Teleporter hangs in "Downloading Terrain" when using setblockstate


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I am creating a mod, that allows a player to swap between the Overworld and the nether without the use or spawning of a nether portal. In the case that the mod can't find a spot to spawn the player at in the next world, it will create one by clearing out 3x2x3 air blocks and putting in a 3x3 cobblestone platform for them to land on.



However, for some unknown reason. When ever I try to setblockstate to air or cobblestone, the mod will hang at "downloading terrain". If I comment out the setblockstate, the mod will stop hanging. So the problem seems to occur when setblockstate is called.


Code of Teleporter code here:




Anyone have any idea, I been banging my head on this for the past few days.


My mod has it that it set a Deffered Action on line 92 here:



which tells my tick handler to do the "doAction" action on the next tick utilizing the teleporter in lines 48-54 on this class:




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Well if you never break out of a While loop, or the condition never becomes false (thus breaking naturally) that loop will run forever. And since your code ran on the main thread, you had created a lock as it would loop forever. Try to avoid using While loops if you can, and if you must or feel you must. Always ensure there is an exit strategy

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