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[1.4.6][Forge SMP] BackMeUp v1.0 - A simple automated server backup solution


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BackMeUp v1.0

A simple automated server backup solution


Hello all! Let me tell you a story. There once were three people who decided to start their own little FTB server. "I'll host it!" one of them said. And host it he did. It was a wonderful server, until the day came that the power went out all across their little town. When it came back, the world wasn't the same. Chunks were broken, things were missing. The three did their best to fix the damages, but to no avail. Suddenly a cow walked in to one of the broken chunks and set off a bajillion errors, and then there were suddenly thousands upon thousands of cows, grinding the worlds ticks down to a halt, and the players' fps down to 0. Eventually, the three decided to forget that world, and start anew. They lost everything. But it had to be done, they told themselves, it couldn't have been avoided... Right?


I present to you, BackMeUp, for Forge Minecraft servers. With this little mod, you can set up automated world backups, so you never have to worry about losing your world again! Along with being able to make automated backups, you can also set how long backups are kept, how long in between each backup, the message that is sent to players on backup start/completion, and you don't even have to edit the config! You can do it all with commands in-game, and changes happen live, no server reboot needed. (although you can still edit the config manually if you prefer).


Using this mod is simple. Download the zip below, then put it in the mods folder of you forge minecraft server. Once you start the server, a config file in the config folder should be created. In there you will find all the different values you can edit. If you prefer, you can also change these values using commands (OPs only):

[spoiler=Command Usage]/BackMeUp interval [number] [time-unit]

Using /BackMeUp interval without any other arguments will return the current interval between backups.

Adding a number and a time unit after interval will set the interval between backups, so something like /BackMeUp interval 5 mins would set the interval between backups to 5 minutes.



/BackMeUp deleteAfter [number] [time-unit]

Similar to /BackMeUp interval, using /BackMeUp deleteAfter without any other arguments will return the current amount of time old backups are being kept.

Adding a number and a time unit after deleteAfter will set how long backups are kept, so something like /BackMeUp deleteAfter 1 week would set the mod to keep backups for 1 week.



/BackMeUp backupMessage [message]

This will allow you to get or set the message sent to players when the backup starts. Use of formatting code using an ampersand (&) is allowed. If nothing is entered after backupMessage, it will tell you what the current message is, otherwise, it will set the message to what you specified.



/BackMeUp completeMessage [message]

Exact same as backupMessage, but with the message sent to players when the backup is complete, instead of the one sent when the backup is starting.



/BackMeUp backup

Nothing special here. Runs a backup. That is all.






For Minecraft 1.4.6:

AdFly (For all the awesome people)

MediaFire (For the lame, un-awesome people)



If anyone is interested in a version for a different version of minecraft, a version for vanilla servers, or the source, let me know in the comments below. I am also looking for ideas on other things I could add or fix with this mod, so your feedback is greatly appreciated.

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