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Replace Gravel in the Nether [1.10.2]


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I know there must be, but i havent found any way how to replace all the gravel in nether with my own blocks, when nether is generated. What i'm using now is this:


for(int i = 0; i < 600; i++)	{
			BlockPos pos = new BlockPos(chunkX*16 + random.nextInt(16), 63 + random.nextInt(3), (chunkZ*16) + random.nextInt(16));
			new WorldGenMinable(ModBlocks.nethersand.getDefaultState(), 32, BlockMatcher.forBlock(Blocks.GRAVEL)).generate(world, random, pos);

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You can use


to completely replace the nether's lava, soulsand and gravel generation with your own. For this you will have to replicate what


does. Also note that that is not the only place that fires this event.


As a side note, your passive aggressive title-tags are not appreciated. You will get help like everyone else. For free, I might add.

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