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Trouble porting mod from 1.8.9 to 1.10


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Im new in modding so I got myself open source simple mod from github and was learning from it. I could edit everything and then compile back to 1.8.9. Minecraft advanced forward so Im trying to update mod too. I updated forge, gradle but I also need to update code. I found most of class changes and fixed imports but there is few I cant find.




How I can find changes of class naming? I checked many tutorials how to port mods but didnt found anything about finding changes and correcting imports for right library. Please point me to right direction.


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Thank you diesieben07, fixed everything related to these classes. One last thing I couldnt find for a while. Im trying to override showCrosshair() method. Previously it was in GuiIngame.

Its still very complicated since I dont know how to properly compare codes.

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If you want to change parts of the HUD use


. This explanation should help.


So there is no more easy understandable showCrosshair() method?


I have to disable drawing/rendering of default crosshair and then with RenderGameOverlayEvent draw my own crosshair where I want?

Sounds difficult as for starter..

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Well, it was kinda cheat. I knew when crosshair was drew so I redrew new one and was returning false for showCrosshair().

Anyway, I got hang of RenderGameOverlayEvent and Im able to draw text etc but I have no success converting old method.


                WorldRenderer tessellator = Tessellator.getInstance().getWorldRenderer();
	tessellator.setColorRGBA_F(r, g, b, .5f);
	tessellator.addVertexWithUV(par1 + 0, par2 + par6, this.zLevel,(par3 + 0) * f, (par4 + par6) * f1);
	tessellator.addVertexWithUV(par1 + par5, par2 + par6, this.zLevel,(par3 + par5) * f, (par4 + par6) * f1);
	tessellator.addVertexWithUV(par1 + par5, par2 + 0, this.zLevel,(par3 + par5) * f, (par4 + 0) * f1);
	tessellator.addVertexWithUV(par1 + 0, par2 + 0, this.zLevel, (par3 + 0)* f, (par4 + 0) * f1);

What I got trying to convert it:

VertexBuffer tessellator = Tessellator.getInstance().getBuffer();
        tessellator.begin(GL11.GL_QUADS, DefaultVertexFormats.BLOCK);
        tessellator.putColorRGB_F(r, g, b, (int) .5f);	
tessellator.pos(par1 + 0, par2 + par6, this.zLevel);
tessellator.tex((par3 + 0) * f, (par4 + par6) * f1);	
tessellator.pos(par1 + par5, par2 + par6, this.zLevel);
tessellator.tex((par3 + par5) * f, (par4 + par6) * f1);	
tessellator.pos(par1 + par5, par2 + 0, this.zLevel);
tessellator.tex((par3 + par5) * f, (par4 + 0) * f1);	
tessellator.pos(par1 + 0, par2 + 0, this.zLevel);
tessellator.tex((par3 + 0) * f, (par4 + 0) * f1);

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