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[1.4.6] Telicraft Beta 3.5.0


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This is my first released content-adding mod! It's called Telicraft, TeliMod before 2 or 3 months. It adds a new ore and a bunch of other things to Minecraft. It requires Forge and ForgeModLoader.





[1.4.6] Telicraft Beta 3.5.0 Universal*

[1.4.6] Telicraft Source

[1.4.6] Telicraft API


*Due to my limited amount of RAM, universal means "server starts up without errors and can be connected to".



1. Open your minecraft.jar/minecraft_server.jar and ensure Forge is installed. A really cheap way of doing it is checking if the cpw folder exists.

2. Go to your "mods" folder. It is lcoated in your root directory, "%appdata%/.minecraft" for clients.

3. Add Telicraft's .jar in there. Also add TelincCore, that's highly required.

4. Launch Minecraft / the server and see if everything's working! If not, check "Reporting a bug".


Reporting a bug

1. Make sure you're using the latest Forge for the Minecraft version you're running.

2. Make sure you have the latest version of Telicraft.

3. Scroll through the "Issues" tab on GitHub and the "Known bugs" section of this post.

3a. If the bug is visual, tell me what happened and the exact steps to reproduce it.

3b. If the bug crashes the game, tell me how to reproduce it and include the crash report or you ForgeModLoader-client-0.log file. "black screen" is not enough.

3c. If the bug involves something not working or acting weirdly include what it is and exact steps to reproduce.


Known bugs

1. The Primed Meteor Bomb doesn't render properly.

2. The /telicraft-petrifylook command doesn't write to config.

3. The Adamant Furnace's superheat acts a little bit strangely.



To be written.



To be written.



To be written.


Buildcraft Integration

If you have Buildcraft installed, the following will be added:

1. Facades for some of the blocks, Advanced Crafting Table missing.

2. Triggers for Gates.

2a. Adamant Furnace: "Furnace is in superheat mode", "Furnace Safe", "Furnace Hot", "Furnace Dangerous", "No heat"

2b. Alarm: "Alarm active"


Not Enough Item Integration

If you have NEI installed, you will get the following:

1. Item Subset for Telicraft, type "@Telicraft" in search box to display only blocks & items from Telicraft.

2. Recipe viewers for the Sharpener and Advanced Crafting Table.



I want to thank you for using this mod. Any feedback is welcome. If I forgot anything, please tell me!


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