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[1.10.2] Add shading to a cube from VertexBuffer quads


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This is how I render my cube:


         worldRendererIn.setTranslation(f5, f6, f7);

         for (int vertex = 0; vertex < 24; vertex++)
            worldRendererIn.pos(rotatedCubeVectors[vertex][0], rotatedCubeVectors[vertex][1], rotatedCubeVectors[vertex][2])
                    .tex(params[vertex][0], params[vertex][1])
                    .color(this.particleRed, this.particleGreen, this.particleBlue, this.particleAlpha).lightmap(j, k)

        worldRendererIn.setTranslation(0, 0, 0);


I basically draw the vanilla digging particle with my own rotation 6 times (so it's a cube). As you know, the vanilla digging particles have no shading or smooth lighting, it's just true color.


so how can I add this shading to a VertexBuffer quad?


Somebody told me that I can use VertexBuffer.normal(), but no matter what numbers I pass it, it makes the particles dance around (like if it was doing VertexBuffer.setTranslation()). There's also some kind of black ray flashing in the game...




Here you have an example of what I'm trying to achieve(the particle texture is darkening on the sides of the cube):

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normal only works if the item lighting (opengl light sources) are on, and even then it can be hard to get right.


I think the easiest way is just to change the color for different faces, i.e. for example

.color(this.particleRed * faceGrey, this.particleGreen * faceGrey, this.particleBlue * faceGrey, this.particleAlpha).lightmap(j, k)

where faceGrey = (say) 0.8 for north and south, 0.6 for east and west, 1.0 for up, 0.5 for down


Some more info here






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