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LanguageRegistry: Same item, different damages


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I suppose the title explains it all. Any version of itemPda returns "Yellow PDA" instead of their respective colors. Textures and such are working, so why is it not working properly?


int c;
for(int a = 0; a < Static.PDA_COLORS.length; a++)
c = DamageHelper.getCombinedValue(a, 0, 0);  // This retreives the color data from the damage value
ItemStack stack = new ItemStack(itemPda, 1, c); 
LanguageRegistry.addName(stack, Static.PDA_COLORS[a] + " " /* + Static.PDA_VERSIONS[b] + " " */ + Static.PDA_NAME);



public static ItemPda itemPda = new ItemPda(5000);



public static final String[] PDA_COLORS = {"White", "Black", "Red", "Blue", "Green", "Yellow"};


DamageHelper.(...) is not in the wrong, I have tested it thoroughly. (Besides the colored textures are working and use the same methods.)


Thanks in advance.

~ Raeon

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The problem has been resolved. Somehow; I don't need to use the LanguageRegistry in the first place.

Below is the code I implemented to fix this issue.


Item class:

public String getItemNameIS(ItemStack stack)
int dmg = stack.getItemDamage(); // Get damage for current stack (important)
int a = DamageHelper.getValueA(dmg); // Custom method
int b = DamageHelper.getValueB(dmg); // Custom method
return Static.PDA_COLORS[a] + " " + Static.PDA_VERSIONS[b] + " " + Static.PDA_NAME; // Glueing the pieces together

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