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So, I'm writing this mod, and I would love to share this experience with other people.

I started modding a few months back and love it: I have ideas and willingness to create a nice mod.

But I'm sure in group is goin' to be a hell of a lot of fun.


Who am I looking for?

Literally anybody: I myself am bad at art, even if pixel-art. So a pixel artist would be awesome.

I do programming and (by now) I know some stuff about modding, and I'm willing to share my (little) experience with others.

But I'm also prepared to learn. So if you are a newbie modder or you are a genius at it, I just do not care.

Also ideas and feedback appreciated.



Actually, I have never written a single line of Java before starting with modding, always relying on C++ (especially for work), C# or python (or anything else ;)). Sometimes I still am confused about some "meta" technique that only Java uses, but I'm starting to get a hang of it.



The idea is to have fun. I like coding, I like doing ugly pixel art, and modding is extremely fun.

If I manage to write something others can enjoy, then I am extra happy.



The idea is probably one many already had and nothing extremely original (looking at AtomiCraft, but even Azanor's Thaumcraft).

Here is the idea: manipulating

items by decomposing them to the chemical elements (Hydrogen, Helium, ...) that constitute them. I want something that is somehow scientifically accurate (so learn while having fun). Knowing myself

I also want to put some dark humour into the mix :). On top of this there would be a layer of somewhat useful/fancy items, crafted using "element decomposition" mechanic(s).

So it's gonna be a tech mod. And I am dreaming big.


Here some examples:

- of curse a way to store elements within Minecraft, this I've done so far using items with NBT data;

- a way to obtain/craft with chemical elements: this includes shaped/shapeless crafting, but also machines, like:

  - an extractor (DONE), that "decomposes" an item into it's fundamental elements (at a cost), for instance iron ingots in (you guessed it) iron.

  - a "composer?/synthesiser" that creates items from elements (at a cost)

  - fusion reactor: create  heavier elements

  - fission reactor: create lighter elements

- power gen: (of course) fission/fusion should have a power gen feature

- ore duplication (of course :) ) or more :)

- weapons/armor/shields


Some item that I added/plan to add shortly (that has nothing to do with the mechanics):

- detector (DONE): an item that emits Redstone when a player is within a  specified space (can be made configurable)

- clock (DONE): an item that emits a Redstone based on the real time (not a  Minecraft solar panel)

- a time-machine: configurable to set the time of the day (at a cost ofc)

- a lamp (yes, a lamp): that emits light as specified by a GUI

- a portable beacon: name says it all

- a manual (with some accurate scientific information and standard stuffs)

- integration with other mods: usual stuff


What is there for now?

I already written a bunch of ugly code and painted some extremely ugly texture, to demonstrate the intent. Here some ideas:



TL;DR whatever, just join me


PS: why a new mod and not join another team/mod? I want something different.

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