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Strange issue - 1.10.2


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I have a modded version of Minecraft 1.10.2.  When I load up my world nothing loads except for a void world.  Journey map way-points are visible but the journey map mini-map does not show up.  I can see my hotbar with hearts armor hunger etc.  I can not move at all.  I can look around and fps stays around 40-60.  I can open to LAN and enable cheats but no commands work.  When I go to "Save and quit to title" the game freezes and goes not responding.  Task manager then shows that it is using 20-30% of the CPU and about 3100 MB of RAM.  This is with Minecraft 1.10.2 with forge 1.10.2 - and around 32 mods.  Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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