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Editing Texture Packs for Yourself


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Before anyone speaks the hell out on me, i warn that this topic is not for edited texture packs sharing. You obviously know that you can be severely punished for sharing a different work from someone without any authorization.


It's common for us to use Texture Packs. But there's always - or almost always - that little texture, item, particle or picture on the pack, that we mostly hate or just don't like.

What do you do? You stop using the texture pack? NO! You can edit it. Of course, as you won't share it, you don't need the permission from the creator. But if you will, you know what to do. ;)

I use

, it is a great pack, and i appreciate her work. But, though it has textures that i find great, there are others which i don't like (Nothing wrong with that). So, what i do? I edit the pack by Photoshop.

>> Also, it is a very good test for you, to see if you may build your own texture pack. <<


Below are the normal textures.

width=800 height=423http://i920.photobucket.com/albums/ad46/X3M_SonicX/2012-12-26_170531_zps20c1c45a.png[/img]

width=800 height=423http://i920.photobucket.com/albums/ad46/X3M_SonicX/2012-12-26_170542_zpsf6dad369.png[/img]



Now, the textures and changes i've done. Includes a standard Star Wars' Stormtrooper Full Armor (Iron, Diamond, Gold, Chain), Changes in almost all Weapons and Tools, new pictures like Shakira, Hilary Duff and Katy Perry ones, new itens such as redstone dust, lapis and coal, and many more other changed stuff.

Still improving!

width=800 height=423http://i920.photobucket.com/albums/ad46/X3M_SonicX/2012-12-26_170242_zps37813beb.png[/img]

width=800 height=423http://i920.photobucket.com/albums/ad46/X3M_SonicX/2012-12-26_165407_zps8f0d6501.png[/img]

width=800 height=440http://i920.photobucket.com/albums/ad46/X3M_SonicX/2012-12-26_161522_zpsfa3be88a.png[/img]

width=800 height=440http://i920.photobucket.com/albums/ad46/X3M_SonicX/2012-12-26_161524_zps3d173f42.png[/img]

width=800 height=440http://i920.photobucket.com/albums/ad46/X3M_SonicX/2012-12-26_161526_zpsdf83e5af.png[/img]

width=800 height=440http://i920.photobucket.com/albums/ad46/X3M_SonicX/2012-12-26_161528_zps758c9981.png[/img]

width=800 height=440http://i920.photobucket.com/albums/ad46/X3M_SonicX/2012-12-26_161541_zpsb716fb3d.png[/img]


It is a great thing to edit it, making the texture pack more with Your style, without messing up someone's work.


And once again. You may edit it for Yourself and not for everyone else.


So, do you edit it or you leave the standard ones?

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