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Making a personalized "spawn egg" problem [SOLVED!]

Vitro Static

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Okay, so  am in the works of recreating a very old mod that I worked on back in Beta (long time I know)


I haven't made any work on coding mods since 1.2.5 and back then I used Modloader which is DRASTICALLY different, I am having some trouble figuring out this whole forge thing.


So I have the item I want to use to spawn the creature and everything works from here, I am having trouble getting any entity to spawn from it tho. Right now for testing purposes I am trying to spawn in a cow and it is not working. I looked online for some help to learn all f the "in and outs" of forge, everything that I am finding though is super old and doesn't work for what I am building on (1.10.2 and 1.1.2 I am making multiple mods)


here is the coding I am using in 1.10.2 to try and spawn in the cow...




public ItemStack onItemRightClick(ItemStack itemStack, World world, EntityPlayer player)


world.spawnEntityInWorld(new EntityCow(world));

return itemStack;






found that code on one of the other topics here asking the same thing I believe it was around 1.3-1.5.



Also side note: if anybody knows any good custom model makers that are free for me to make and texture my models with that would be really cool if you could tell me about it.

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