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[1.11][SOLVED] Get entities in a cone in front of steve


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How can i get entities in a cone in front of steve? 3 block length. I tried this from a tutorial:


public static List<RayTraceResult> getMouseOverExtendedList(float dist) {
	Minecraft mc = FMLClientHandler.instance().getClient();
	Entity theRenderViewEntity = mc.getRenderViewEntity();
	AxisAlignedBB theViewBoundingBox = 
			new AxisAlignedBB(
					theRenderViewEntity.posX - 2.0D,
					theRenderViewEntity.posY - 0.0D, 
					theRenderViewEntity.posZ - 0.0D, 
					theRenderViewEntity.posX + 2.0D,
					theRenderViewEntity.posY + 1.5D, 
					theRenderViewEntity.posZ + 2.0D);
	RayTraceResult returnMOP = null;
	List<RayTraceResult> returnMOPList = new ArrayList<>();

	if (mc.world != null) {
		double distancia = dist;
		returnMOP = theRenderViewEntity.rayTrace(distancia, 0);
		double calcdist = distancia;
		Vec3d vectorPosicionOjos = theRenderViewEntity.getPositionEyes(0);
		distancia = calcdist;
		if (returnMOP != null) {
			calcdist = returnMOP.hitVec.distanceTo(vectorPosicionOjos);

		Vec3d lookvec = theRenderViewEntity.getLook(0);
		Vec3d lookVectorPlusDistancia = vectorPosicionOjos.addVector(lookvec.xCoord * distancia, lookvec.yCoord * distancia, lookvec.zCoord * distancia);
		float var9 = 1.0F;
		List<Entity> list = mc.world.getEntitiesWithinAABBExcludingEntity(theRenderViewEntity,
				theViewBoundingBox.addCoord(lookvec.xCoord * distancia, lookvec.yCoord * distancia, lookvec.zCoord * distancia)
						.expand(var9, var9, var9));
		double d = calcdist;

		for (Entity entity : list) {
			if (entity.canBeCollidedWith()) {
				returnMOPList.add(new RayTraceResult(entity));

	return returnMOPList;


But it didn't worked as i expected. Any help would be much apreciated.



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That method, will only work client-side, as you are using client-side only classes (




What you can do, is;

  • get a list of all entities around the player, using

  • Create the "cone" or rather, triangle, by assigning 2 points away from the player, at equal distance from the

  • Go over each entity in the list we got earlier, and calculate whether their position is inside the triangle, using Barycentric Coordinates


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