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New mod - Quiver (arrow type switching)


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How does this work? I'm totally new to Forge, but I was sick of how painful it was to switch arrow types, so I built a mod to let you switch arrow types using either alt+scrollwheel or the [] keys. It's still very much in beta stage - I'm currently aware that if you have two stacks of the same type of arrow with the same stack size, alt+scrolldown skips one and alt+scrollup gets stuck. But I'd love to get some testers and hear feedback - and if anyone has pointers on hosting, bug tracking, and other stuff for a total Forge newb, I'd be happy to hear them.


I've uploaded the mod - I hope. Actually, scratch that - I don't seem to be able to attach files. I've put the mod here: http://www.nerdhold.com/coder/files/2017/01/quiver-1.0.jar.


Feedback is welcome. I'm sure I'm hosting the .jar file wrong, posting this in the wrong place, etc. - I'm a software engineer dabbling in mod development, and I'm new here. Please be patient!

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