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[1.8.9] Items'n'Blocks - How to use the messed up api?


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Hi again.

Does anyone know how exactly the Block/item registering in 1.8.9 works?

The Problem I have with this, is that addVariantName is depreceated (doesn't work anymore) and replaced by registerItemVariants, like in 1.9. But most of 1.9's API like manual Registration (setRegistryName etc.) isn't implemented yet.


At the moment I have:

the actual block registration on server and client side in the pre-init phase:

GameRegistry.registerBlock(block, ModWoodItem.class, name, block, subblockNames.toArray(new String[subblockNames.size()]));
//name = Blockstatename


...the Item Variant Model Registration on the client side in the pre-init phase:

ModelBakery.registerItemVariants(Item.getItemFromBlock(block), new ResourceLocation(iconName));
//iconName = modid:unwrappedandunlocalizedname_variant


and the "Block-To-Model" Registration on the Client side in the pre-init phase:

for (DefinesWood type:subBlocks())
            final String subName = type.speciesName();
            final int dMD=((ModWoodBlock.EnumType)type.woodSubBlockVariant()).getId();
            final String iconName = getUnlocalizedName().substring(getUnlocalizedName().indexOf('.')+1)+"_"+subName;
            // iconName = modid:unwrappedandunlocalizedname_variant
            ModelLoader.setCustomModelResourceLocation(Item.getItemFromBlock(this),dMD,new ModelResourceLocation(iconName,"inventory"));


The Blocks are registered, but the Models are not and forge says

Model definition for location dendrology:planks0#variant=acemus not found
Model definition for location dendrology:planks_acemus#inventory not found

I know it must be something simple I overlooked (like the last time), but I just don't get it  :(


So I post it here.

"Driven by hope that there is hope again" - random guy in an RPG Maker Trashgame


The fact that there isn't ANYTHING about 1.8.8 and 1.8.9 on the web except finished mods bothers me for some reason...



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Every knowledge can be useful, even how to mod outdated MC versions


Uh, no. The stuff that hasn't changed may be useful, but you can learn it just as well on a newer version. The stuff that has changed is useless to learn precisely because it has changed.

Don't make mods if you don't know Java.

Check out my website: http://shadowfacts.net

Developer of many mods

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Yes it does. I'm talking about research, man. If I selled the mod, I would just need to know how to work with the newest version, since there are more people using it, but as a gamedev I want to learn how the different versions of forge/minecraft work. Not by looking at the deobfuscated code, the practical way.


Alright, since this version is not supported anymore, I will ask the question in an unofficial forum, no problem.

Thank you nevertheless.



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You are right.

I'd still rather make a mod for every MC release having a stable Forge version.

Since I plan to "resurrect" more mods and there are people, who can't or don't want to play the newer versions (e.g. because of modpack compatibility), I need to know how mod in 1.8 as well




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