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    Programmer, Forge modder, Capability enthusiast.

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  1. It's possible for some libraries, but not for CTM as it has its own @Mod class.
  2. You go to minecraft.curseforge.com, create an account, create your project, and then upload the built mod jar.
  3. Show where you registered your event handler.
  4. Forge doesn't automatically create a config GUI for you. In your @Mod annotation, you need to provide a value for the guiFactory property. It should be the fully-qualified name of a class that implements IModGuiFactory. In your GUI factory, you'll need to make sure that hasConfigGui returns true and that you've implemented createConfigGui. This is my GUIConfig class which is a small wrapper around FML's GuiConfig class that makes it a bit easier to use.
  5. You need to be connected to the internet for Gradle to download dependencies. Are you sure you're computer's connected to the internet when you run the Gradle task and is there any program (e.g. anti-virus) that could be blocking the connection?
  6. That doesn't work for Forge mods, you need to run the gradlew build command.
  7. You can have ModelRegistryEvent handlers on the server side, because the ModelRegistryEvent class does exist on the server but won't be fired there and nothing else in the method signature uses client only classes, however, it's best practice to keep your client-side code entirely separated from common code so it's harder to accidentally introduce client sided-ness bugs.
  8. In your @SidedProxy annotation, you've specified a fully qualified name for the client proxy that's different than the actual class name.
  9. 1) Wrong section, this should be under Support & Bug Reports. 2) 1.7.10 is no longer supported here.
  10. What client-only methods are you using? How to fix it will depend on which ones you're using.
  11. Don't necro threads, this one is more than a year old.
  12. Bytecode version 52.0 corresponds to Java 8.
  13. Yes... It's your code, you can do whatever you want with it... If the class isn't doing anything, then by all means remove it.
  14. Forge/ForgeGradle doesn't include JEI...
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