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Different ways to save to NBT


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I was wondering how many different ways there are to save NBT data. I am aware that TileEntities and Entities all have NBT components, but I was wondering if there is a way to save NBT data without having to create a background entity. Is there perhaps an interface for storing custom NBT data? Thank your reply in advance!

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Thank you for your reply! Do you know of any example code I can look at that demonstrates this accurately? I tried a bunch of different styles of writing and reading in the CompressedStreamTools and all result in the same phenomenon. If it helps you to know what I am attempting to achieve, I am trying to add an attribute to each Player that is Player and World specific - similar to inventories, experience levels, etc. However, I am still glad to learn anything I can about this topic in general, so any information would be greatly appreciated! Thank you once again for your reply!

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Thank you for the very quick reply! Btw, I thought your username looked familiar, I'm quite a fan of your CameraCraft mod  :) - Especially the ability to colorshift your pictures. Anyway, I've tried using the method in Entity getEntityData(), but the data I insert into the NBTTagCompound is carried over across saves. It still appears to be Player specific, which is what I want, but it is not World specific, such as inventories and experience. Do you by chance know the reason for this? Thank you in advance!

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