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I used to run a Bukkit server, but since I want to use mods on the server and the Bukkit devs don't want to cooperate with you Forge devs, I switched my server to Forge. Then I recognized that it's hard to find the server-related stuff among the client mods/discussions, so i want to suggest a server forum section, something like a replacement for the Bukkit forums for others like me who switched from Bukkit to Forge.

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I  hope someone answers this.  I've been concerned with other things -- like mods on the server versus the client.  I have learned by testing that the server ignores mods it doesn't have, not sure what happens if the client is missing a mod it does use (it would be great if it could load them from the servers mod directory, but not sure it does but plan to test it).


As for server admin features / mods / plugins, this is a catch 22 -- the great mods use forge, the anti-griefing, anti-cheating, and general admin tool use bukkit (so its hard to run a non-white list / public server without it), and the too don't play nice together.  I wish they'd be compatible, but....

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We have a small mods section of our forum where modders are welcome to publish their mods.

Unlike bukkit.org, we don't have a fairy godmother paying the hosting fees (OvermindDL1 does it at his own expense, a round of applause to him), so we can't go out and run something similar to dev.bukkit.org.

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This isn't building better software, its trying to grab a place in the commit list of a highly visible github project.




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