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A couple questions :) (GUI, CustomRendering, TileEntity)


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Hello Forgers, I am ZetaHunter and I recently started developing a mod,

the idea is basic, its just different traps, whatI have made so far is basic triggering,

Custom texture's, and other simple stuff, what I have been trouble with is making gui like furnace, cause I want to create a block comptaible with transport mechanics and when I click on block I want to have custom gui with such stuff as fwe inventory slots and buttons and etc. ( I will deal with that myself, just need basic sample of creating it :) )

next is CustomRendering, not related with this mod, but with another I was thinking of but I fail to understand how to create custom models for blocks, if any help is giving I would be very thankfull,


and last but not least is I am wondering how to make it so I could have tile entity storing int Str and call it from the block, so for example touching a block with such tile entity would print to console the stored variable, but sadly last time I tried to print it, it droped null reference exception, but does work from inside tile entity class I have.


Thanks to who ever replies and possibly helps me here :)

Dont forget I am just a begginer in Java and FML, though I been coding in PHP and C# in past (like all time...)

~I was here~

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For your GUI issues: http://www.minecraftforge.net/wiki/Containers_and_GUIs - that's a tutorial on that kind of stuff.

For your custom model for blocks, just use the bindTileEntitySpecialRenderer(Class <? extends TileEntity>, TileEntitySpecialRenderer) method in client registry. If you need any specification, feel free to ask :)

Also, you can look at the code for the EE3 Calcinator by Pahimar in github for custom block models. A lot of the minecraft code I've learned from the open source mod, EE3, so it's a good piece of code to look at in general.

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