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VersionCheckHandler (NetworkMod) how to use


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All of my version names for my mod have text in them. Since there isn't anything that should be stopping them from connecting with each other, I started trying to use @VersionCheckHandler (from @NetworkMod), but have had no luck. The definition is:

     * A marker for a method that will be offered the client's version string
     * if more sophisticated version rejection handling is required:
     * The method should accept a "String", a "NetworkManager" and return a boolean true
     * if the version can be accepted.
     * @author cpw
    public @interface VersionCheckHandler { }


I've put the annotation onto a method,  but it isn't doing anything, including complaining of incorrect usage. I added a simple .printStackTrace() test on a fully contained exception and nothing printed, leading me to think it's not even being looked at.

In case it matters, I've changed the signature for the method a few times trying to get a result, even if it were a bad one, with no changes.


How do I correctly set up @VersionCheckHandler from @NetworkMod so I can have improved version checking?


More information, if needed:


My mod file is name SeasonsMod and is Forge-based.

name="The Seasons Mod", 

@NetworkMod(clientSideRequired=true, serverSideRequired=false, 
channels={/*removed the channels to save space*/}, 
packetHandler = PacketHandler.class)
public class SeasonsMod implements IConnectionHandler{
public static final String SeasonCurrentVersion = "1.6.1_3 - Stars";
public static final String[] SeasonAcceptedVersion = {	"1.6.1 - Find the Truth","1.6.1_1 - Hearth's Warming Eve","1.6.1_2 - Void"};	
public boolean AllowVersionConnection(String version){
		Side side = FMLCommonHandler.instance().getEffectiveSide();
		throw new Exception("Seasons: this is normal. Accessed from a: "+side);
	}catch(Exception e){

	if(version.equals(this.SeasonCurrentVersion) || version == this.SeasonCurrentVersion){
		return true;
	for(String previous : this.SeasonAcceptedVersion){
		if(version.equals(previous) || version == previous){
			return true;
	return false;

When a client and server with different versions try to connect, the function is not being called, as if the method doesn't exist. I have checked, and there is not an @Side annotation on the method.



If this isn't enough information, please let me know and I'll provide what is needed.

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I did read the documentation. There is no "NetworkManager" class - the closest thing is an "INetworkManager" class, which I had already tried.

In case it matters, I've changed the signature for the method a few times trying to get a result, even if it were a bad one, with no changes.

public boolean AllowVersionConnection(String version, INetworkManager iNet_test){


I'll try it again, but I can almost guarantee that it still won't work.

EDIT: I was correct, it still doesn't work like that (String, INetworkManager)


And for the checking if the two Strings are the same in my first post, I have it check through both == and .equals(String) as a result of a bug involving Strings elsewhere in the code, which I'm going to completely rewrite soon to try to remove.

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