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    • Nice, so that's it. This is too much but at least you show some proof (y)   And I think, people in this forum should declare at least 1 of other people mistake before back-talking. Also, i'm very triggered by the way you just said "No no abc is not good" but not show the author of this topic the answer. The general i'm seeing in this forum is alway "No no don't follow abc they're very bad, you should learn Java first and then learn Forge, search for relative topic,..." <= This sentence here not helpful at all, they're just only care about the answer. So If I have a link of a good tutorial, why not share them instead of talking like that?   That's my reason...
    • Ah okay, I didn't know what exactly to use there. Thank you very much, it works now!  
    • I went and took a shower and I just have to add this. I need to highlight again how bad this is. This shows that he is lacking absolute basic fundamental understanding about how the game works. He even says out loud that he is doing it in the client-side event subscriber, so it is not just a small slip up. Do you really want to learn how to drive from someone who can't tell the blinker stalk from the gear lever? Probably not. Granted, you can't die from writing a terrible mod (although I have not tried), but people who follow this will then end up here on the forum with their giant wall of (essentially) copy-paste code (although they likely typed it in manually while the video was going on...) and we have the task of figuring out which part is broken all the while dealing with someone who barely understands Java.
    • Do you have the same issues when you run a vanilla server with the same startup parameters?
    • Alright, occasionally I get bored and I do one of these posts.   I looked at their latest (as of the time of this post) video: https://youtu.be/F79DNgi5d_o. Here is what I found: [0:40] "Call this calls ModSpawnEggItem" - completely irrelevant how you call this class. [1:00] "Click here, to add constructor matching super" - why? How is this relevant to modding? This is basic Java knowledge. Either you explain what you do here (which means you need to explain what constructors are and what inheritance is) or you assume this knowledge, which means you don't need to talk about this at all. [1:08] "I think it could be public, but we'll just make it protected" - He doesn't even know how Java visibility modifiers work himself. Great teacher for modding a game written in Java! (Side note here, this is just personal preference but god damn it TechnoVision, USE ALT-ENTER! Using the mouse is sooooo sloooooow). [1:49] Why using a Lazy? Instead of a Supplier? You get a Supplier out of the DeferredRegister anyways, no need to convert it to a Lazy. [1:55] He keeps calling "?" in a generic type "a generic". This is not the correct name. This is called a wildcard. [3:24] Him calling that super constructor with null as the type will result in a null key in SpawnEggItem#EGGS. That should be cleaned up. His explanation as to why it "doesn't matter" (it does...) is also not an explanation. He just mumbles a view techno-babble-esque words. [6:23] "This field is in SpawnEggItem and it's this map here" *highlights a local variable in a completely different class*. Yeah right. [7:05] Then he proceeds to type in and explain copy pasta code from vanilla as if it was his own creation. What the hell? [8:19] That is a terrible explanation of casting. [12:23] "We want this to be clear, every single time." In a method that is called once. Why? This is not an explanation. [13:11] "This is like a utility class". No. Not it is not. [13:56] Utterly broken. Why is this in a client-only event subscriber? This will make the mod not work on servers. [14:11] "Right when the entities have been registered" - No. That is not what this event does. This event fires when you should register your entities, not when they have already been registered. This event is also the wrong choice for most of what is done in the initSpawnEggs method. [17:05] Should be using data generators. [18:14] Again, should be using data generators. [18:30] "File > Save all" LOL this is not eclipse. On an overall note: This code is 1:1 the same crap that TurtyWurty showed in his video from a couple of days earlier. Oh but don't be fooled, he did not come up with it either. He copied it from Cadiboo, who I vaguely remember still spending the time (with me partly helping him if I remember correctly) to figure this crap out on the Forge discord and this forum.   So. Question answered? That is the problem with TechnoVision, TurtyWurty, HarryTalks and all those "Modding tutorial" people on youtube (McJty specifically excluded!). They are unoriginal, unhelpful, promote bad coding practices and even outright broken code.      
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