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Overwriting default behavior


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Hello everyone!


First of all, I would like to thank you for all the tools this community gave to us. Modding Minecraft seems so easy with Forge!


I am currently trying to create my first mod, but I am facing a wall here. Instead of adding stuff (items, blocks, etc.), I would like to change default behavior. As in, I want the chests to be rendered as 1×1×1m boxes (2×1×1 for large ones), as they used to be (but with the opening / closing animation).


Now I found where these dimensions (for the boundBox and the model itself) were in native code:

  • net.minecraft.block.BlockChest
  • net.minecraft.client.model.ModelChest
  • net.minecraft.client.model.ModelLargeChest


There are a few methods to overwrite as well.


But my problem is, how can I tell the game to replace native chests with mines? Should I just rewrite these files? I was not sure; for me the point of Forge is precisely to avoid this.


How can I do this?


Thank you for reading this, I hope you can give me some advices here. Have a nice day / night!

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