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moving a block, good ways to learn


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Hello everyone.


Im a new modder and i have some Problems


1.I just watched all the basic tutorials , I know how to make really basic stuff. But now im trying to creat some new content but I really dont know how, I'm not finding any tutorial. Does anybody know a good method to learn?


2.Im just trying to make myself a little mod, and i want to move a block (manually) , I looked in the original minecraft source (tried to learn somthing with pistions ... without succsess) but i did not found anything.


So, can anyone help me ?



Would be really nice :) 

And sorry for my bad English!


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The piston class is very complicated since it checks for neighbour block updates and redstone updates and all the other things...


And, if you don't already know, there is a block that is specially made for piston (the "BLOCK MOVED BY PISTON") block, and I don't quite remember it's id (its around 50 or something)...


So, if you were to make a piston-like thing, that wouldn't be easy enough.

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First thanks for the fast answer,

I found the net.minecraft.tileentity thats what you mean, but 2 things:


1.I want to make a Block i can control with an item, is that the best way to do ?

2.Ok i found it but i really dont know how to mod it with Forge ! :(

(Im still newbie^^)

And the sand do I have to look in the BlockSand.java, and can i just copy it and change the direction?


EDIT: I found a class named EntityFallingSand, I thing i have to do a custom EntityMovingMYBLOCK and the change the variables.


And whats the better method ?


EDIT: I made a copy of EntityFallingSand,BlockSand with my own blocks now I have 2 problems,


1.When my block falls , it dissapears first and appears at the final position, but there is no fall animation, why?

Did i forgot a class?

2.Witch value do i have to change in the EntityFallingSand so it falls in a different direction?


1 more EDIT :

I noticed while my block "falls" it is sometimes black, how can I avoid that?


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