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How to make Tools/Armor with Enchant and Potion Effect ?


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Hello I wanted for my Mod to make Tools( Pick Sword Axe Shovel No Hoe) and Armor but with Special Effects that are Automaticly on them ( Like in Twilight Forest theyr armor is even shown Enchanted in NEI ....)

But as I usualy am i have noooo Idea how to do that .... So If you could help me do this it would be very nice ^^

These are The Effects that would be needed :

Speed 2 (PotionEfect on the Armor Only if the User Wears it)

Strengh 2 "

Regen 2  "

Weakness/Slowness(For the Sword if it hits an Entity or a Player )

Blindness                  (For the Sword if it hits an Entity or a Player )

Wither                      (For the Sword if it hits an Entity or a Player )

Thorns 5 ( Enchantment that is already on)

FireAspect 2

Sharpness 5

Efficency x( and other Levels)

Fortune 5

Silk Touch

For the Pick Axe and Shovel i would like to also make them not use up Food so would it be possible to make them Fill up the Saturation or something per block so it only slowly or not even Uses up Food)

Also i would like for a Pick and some other tools to make them Delete any item they break so that the player can Quickly Hull out an Area but wont get the Items.


That Pretty much would be all I hope someone Can Help ! :D

Thanks In Advance ,




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for enchants i'm using this

ItemStack boots = new ItemStack(obsidianBoots, 
boots.addEnchantment(Enchantment.featherFalling, 20);
GameRegistry.addRecipe(boots, new Object [] {"   ", "# #", "# #", Character.valueOf('#'), Block.dirt, Character.valueOf('@'), Block.dirt, Character.valueOf('%'), Item.ingotIron});

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Ok I have figured out how to make the Enchanting Thing with some help of another nice guy but now the last 3 Questions are :

How to add the Blindness/Weakness/Slowness when the Tool (Sword) Hits an Entity

How to make The Food not go away

How to make the Tools Destroy the Blocks it breaks ( Delets)

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So I'm still entirely confused on this how would you go about adding the effects to the armour?


For enchants you can do it like jtomes123 said (with itemstack.addEnchantment), for potion effects you need to make a server-tick-handler and check if the player wears the armor, and then add the potion-effects to the player.


You can't do it with "onUpdate" from your item, because that only gets called when the item is in the player-inventory, not when it's in the armor-inventory…

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