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Forge won't instal - IndexError


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Hi, I can't install forge src :/ I'm using 472, but also tried with 497 and 499, same error.


This is what I get:


================ Forge ModLoader Setup Start ===================

Downloaded mcp7.25.zip

Extracting MCP to 'E:\Mod\forge\mcp'

Setting up MCP

Backing up commands.py

patching file commands.py

Commands patch applied successfully

Copying FML conf

Creating re-packaged srg

Creating re-packaged exc

Creating re-packaged MCP patch

Fixing MCP Workspace

Downloaded argo-2.25.jar

Downloaded guava-12.0.1.jar

Downloaded guava-12.0.1-sources.jar

Downloaded asm-all-4.0.jar

Downloaded asm-all-4.0-source.jar

Downloaded bcprov-jdk15on-147.jar

Downloaded lwjgl.jar

Downloaded lwjgl_util.jar

Downloaded jinput.jar

Downloaded windows_natives.jar

    Extracting jinput-dx8.dll

    Extracting jinput-dx8_64.dll

    Extracting jinput-raw.dll

    Extracting jinput-raw_64.dll

    Extracting lwjgl.dll

    Extracting lwjgl64.dll

    Extracting OpenAL32.dll

    Extracting OpenAL64.dll

Downloaded macosx_natives.jar

    Extracting libjinput-osx.jnilib

    Extracting liblwjgl.jnilib

    Extracting libopenal.dylib

    Extracting openal.dylib

Downloaded linux_natives.jar

    Extracting libjinput-linux.so

    Extracting libjinput-linux64.so

    Extracting liblwjgl.so

    Extracting liblwjgl64.so

    Extracting libopenal.so

    Extracting libopenal64.so

Downloaded minecraft.jar

Downloaded minecraft_server.jar

== MCP 7.25 (data: 7.25, client: 1.4.6, server: 1.4.6) ==


Traceback (most recent call last):

  File "E:\Mod\forge\mcp\runtime\decompile.py", line 50, in decompile

    commands = Commands(conffile, verify=True, no_patch=no_patch)

  File "E:\Mod\forge\mcp\runtime\commands.py", line 199, in __init__

    self.readcommands(verify, no_patch=no_patch)

  File "E:\Mod\forge\mcp\runtime\commands.py", line 286, in readcommands


  File "E:\Mod\forge\mcp\runtime\commands.py", line 208, in checkcommand

    output = output.splitlines()[0]

IndexError: list index out of range

Decompile Exception: 1

Press any key to continue . . .


Help please?  :-\


EDIT: spoiler tags don't work?

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